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Customer - Gary M 
Rating - 5/5 
Review - I love the 7/8 I bought. I matched it up to the other top of the line reels at work and these are much better. Will be buying a 9/10wt soon!

Customer - Jake G 
Rating - 5/5 
Review - Just want to say how much I appreciate you getting the reel to me in time for some fishing. This thing is ridiculously smooth. My $400 Ross F1 don't touch it.

Customer - David B  
Rating - 5/5 
Review - These reels can't be beat. I have a orvis dxr reel and the shadow 7/8 wt reel is just as good at a better price!

Customer - Wayne F  
Rating - 5/5 
Review - 15-20 lb browns caught using the reel in Newfoundland, Canada. This reel is unbelievable. Love the drag system on it. I have 6 fly rods and 5 reels and this reel is easily a 4 or 5 hundred dollar reel for a fraction of the price. Gonna probably buy the new green one too.

Customer - Josh L 
Rating - 5/5 
Review - I own a few reels over $300 and the Gladiator is freaking amazing.. I actually like it better than my Orvis access reel. Thanks!

Customer - Knot_Your_Fly 
Rating - 5/5 
Review - I got this sexy reel in the mail yesterday. It is amazing for its price and it comes with a free fly line! It has a great sealed drag system. I have handled reels in the 300 range that have a weaker drag system. I feel comfortable taking the 7/8wt in salt fighting medium sized fish. I will be getting a red spool soon as well.

Customer - Pete L 
Rating - 5/5
Review - I luv my new shadow fly reel. It is very light, well built, and smooth drag!

Customer - Koleten W 
Rating - 5/5
Review - This has been a fantastic fly reel it's smooth and it's easy to clean

Customer - Mark W 
Rating - 5/5
Review - I bought one a few months back....never regretted it!!!......awesome reel

Customer - Nate P 
Rating - 5/5
Review - Back in February I purchased a 5-6 Gladiator fly reel for my 6wt, and have been in enjoying ever since. These are amazing reels at a great price. The drag on these reels are awesome I fly fish for carp alot and you need a good drag and this reel has performed beautifully even on big carp like this 17.5 pound stud. I will be purchasing another Gladiator fly reel for my 8wt and extra spools for my 6 and 8wt. GREAT PRODUCT THANKS

Customer - Tyler B 
Rating - 5/5
Review - just got my reel, the green looks amazing, best retrieve I have ever felt, and I've got lamsons, orvis and ross in the past. don't think I will buy one from them again

Customer - Steve D 
Rating - 5/5
Review - This is the best drag I've had on any of my reels and I have had dozens. It also is one of the smoothest reels I have used. I like it so much I ordered another reel. I think I need to get one more so I have one for each of the rods I take in the boat when I go out fishing.

Customer - Ian D 
Rating - 5/5
Review - I been fly fishing 25 yrs and I have $500 reels and cheaper ones. This reel holds its own.

Customer - Justin C
Rating - 5/5
Review - Gonna have to get another one. Absolutely love my 7/8 I got from you guys. Unbelievable quality for the price.

Customer - Braden S 
Rating - 5/5
Review - I recently purchased the Gladiator reel and a trout 2 from allen. The Shadow totally out perfoms it on the drag and it's a bit lighter. I have no problem with mine and currently the Shadow is the one on my rod and the allen is my back up.

Customer - Shawn M 
Rating - 5/5
Review - I just received my 3/4 and can only say one thing...WOW! This thing is well made and beautiful. Good job guys.

Customer - Renaud L 
Rating - 5/5
Review - I just got back from my recent trip to Cuba. I fished 14 days straight from July 5th to July 18th roughly 7 hours a day. That's 100 hours of effective fishing. The Gladiator (7-8) was submitted to severe conditions. Out every day, frequently dipped into salt water, it did not see any fresh water for the whole period, and was exposed to the blazing sun.. If ever there had been a fault or a weakness, it would have shown. I'm very happy to confess that it behaved magnificently. Not only did it manage 45 bonefish and several angry snappers but it also behaved superbly to land a 15-18lb permit. Excellent product!

Customer - Trent D 
Rating - 5/5
Review - Very good reel I ordered it on a Tuesday and it was in my mail box on Friday from PA to NC it was very quick shipping!!!!! Fished it for several hours already it has preformed great and seems to be well made. Great customer service!

Customer - Vincent H 
Rating - 5/5
Review - Love the reel guys, just wanted to say thanks again! Anyone on the fence about grabbing one of these, let me say, pull the trigger on it, you wont me disappointed!

Customer - Paul H 
Rating - 5/5
Review - I put this to the test against my hardy DD and was very pleased with the results. The shocks came in the performance. This reel was just as powerful and smooth as the hardy and handled fish with ease. It’s everything you want and need from a reel with power and looks to match. All in all it is a fantastic reel and performs way above its meager price tag.

Customer - Paul K 
Rating - 5/5
Review - I bought a 5/6, totally happy with it , it's been working awesome and looks great as well . I own Hatch and Ross reels and this one measures right up so far.

Customer - Jonathan S 
Rating - 5/5
Review - Took the gladiator 9-10wt reel to fish big kings and what else can I say. Love it. Best investment. Now all I need is more.

Customer - Jack J 
Rating - 5/5
Review - Better than my Sage at half the price.

Customer - Steve M 
Rating - 5/5
Review - I put your shadow reel to a little test on sockeye, king and chum salmon this year. It was flawless!

Customer - David C 
Rating - 5/5
Review - I can tell ya, I bought one a few weeks back, and it's the best reel I have! Smooth & Tight!! And I have a few reels. Getting another soon!!

Customer - Bud R 
Rating - 5/5
Review - Great reel for the price, put it on a sage 8wt salt been very happy.

Customer - Darrell F
Rating - 5/5
Review - nice reel. I bought one and it is just as good as a $500.00 one. You also get the backing and line, great deal.

Customer - Kirck Y
Rating - 5/5
Review - I was interested in purchasing a back up reel that had the same capabilities as a high end rod, but I didn't want to pay the price. A friend told me about your company, and how he purchased a reel that had excellent quality for a third of the price, and to top it all off you also gave him a free fly line as a added bonus. Well I did a little researching, and I also untried his reel out for day fishing for Atlantic Salmon, and let me tell this reel is just as good as my Sage. In fact I think it has a better drag system than my Sage.

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Carbon Sealed Drag
The Gladiator is built around a water resistant carbon disc drag system. This reel will dominate any size and species of fish that comes its way. The Gladiator is guaranteed to handle anything you can throw at it and is covered under a lifetime warranty.
Lighter and Stronger
The Gladiator boasts artistically designed cuts that not only look amazing but help reduce overall weight without sacrificing strength. The Gladiator, like fighter jets and aircrafts, is machined from high grade 6061 barstock aluminum. This sturdy material is built to last and allows the Gladiator to be one of the lightest fly reels ever crafted.
- Powerful water resistant drag system
- Durable 6061 barstock design
- Variable drag adjustment
- Switches to right or left hand retrieve
- Fresh and saltwater ready
- Fully CNC machined. Not die-cast or plastic
Free Worldwide Shipping
Lifetime Warranty
Shadow Fly Fishing offers a lifetime warranty on all original reel purchases to the original owner. All returned defective reels will be replaced with a brand new one. No waiting around for lengthy repairs like you would with other fly fishing companies. Reel warranties are limited to reel breakage only. This does not include cosmetic issues, loss, or theft. In the event that your reel is no longer in production we will replace it with one of comparable quality and value.

How to register:
Online purchases are automatically registered in our database. However, we recommend keeping a proof of purchase receipt to validate original ownership.

How to return:
Contact us directly with your inquiry at: warranty@shadowflyfishing.com Include your name and a brief description of the issue. Additional shipping information and details will be provided upon the processing of your return request. The Shadow money back guarantee is valid for two weeks after your product is received.

Reel Diameter: 2.83"
Arbor Diameter: 1.69"
Spool Diameter: 2.59"
Spool Width: 0.98"
Reel Weight: 4.9oz
Reel Diameter: 3.35"
Arbor Diameter: 2.20"
Spool diameter: 3.03"
Spool Width: 1.18"
Reel Weight: 5.5oz
Reel Diameter: 3.66"
Arbor Diameter: 2.28"
Spool diameter: 3.46"
Spool Width: 1.18"
Reel Weight: 6.2oz​
Reel Diameter: 4.17"
Arbor Diameter: 2.4"
Spool Diameter: 3.85"
Spool Width: 1.18"
Reel weight: 6.8oz
Machined from aero space 6061 bar stock
Carbon Sealed Drag For Extreme Drag Strength
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