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Customer - Matt L
Rating - 5/5 
Review - Love it, thing is a beautiful tank. Handled carp up to 10lbs on it so far. And some smallmouth, largemouth and pickeral. Def a good piece of machinery

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Compression Sealed Drag
The Assassin is built using a revolutionary pressure based drag system. The unique construction of the drag creates a 100% water proof seal that keeps fresh and saltwater out. The drag system produces under 1lb of force for light tippet situations and can crank down to over 20lbs of jaw dropping power.
Slim Large Arbor Construction
The Assassin is machined from reinforced bar stock aluminum ensuring unmatched strength and durability. The slim construction adds to the sleek design and houses loads of backing and fly line for downstream and open water battles. The Assassin is built to last a lifetime.
- Over 20lbs of drag strength for all fish species
- Excessive clearance for backing and fly line
- Variable drag adjustment
- Salt and freshwater ready
- Lifetime Warranty
- Free fly line and backing with purchase
Free worldwide Shipping
Lifetime Warranty
Shadow Fly Fishing offers a lifetime warranty on all original reel purchases to the original owner. All returned defective reels will be replaced with a brand new one. No waiting around for lengthy repairs like you would with other fly fishing companies. Reel warranties are limited to reel breakage only. This does not include cosmetic issues, loss, or theft. In the event that your reel is no longer in production we will replace it with one of comparable quality and value.

How to register:
Online purchases are automatically registered in our database. However, we recommend keeping a proof of purchase receipt to validate original ownership.

How to return:
Contact us directly with your inquiry at: warranty@shadowflyfishing.com Include your name and a brief description of the issue. Additional shipping information and details will be provided upon the processing of your return request. The Shadow money back guarantee is valid for two weeks after your product is received.

Spool Width - .85"
Spool Diameter - 3.75"
Arbor Diameter - 2.00"
Backing - 150yds
Reel Weight - 6.2oz
Min drag - 0.30lbs
Max drag - 20lbs
Spool Width - .9"
Spool Diameter - 4"
Arbor Diameter - 2.25
Backing - 200yds
Reel Weight - 7.1oz
Min drag - 0.35lbs
Max drag - 21lbs
Spool Width - 1"
Spool Diameter - 4.25"
Arbor Diameter - 2.5"
Backing - 250yds
Reel Weight - 7.5oz
Min drag - 0.35lbs
Max drag - 22lbs
Spool Width - 1"
Spool Diameter - 5"
Arbor Diameter - 3.15"
Backing - 275yds
Reel Weight - 8.1oz
Min drag - 0.35lbs
Max drag - 20lbs
Machined from aero space 6061 bar stock
Compression Drag 100% waterproof
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