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Customer - Jon B 
Rating - 5/5
Review - I would put this line against any overly priced big name line. I've had it over a month now and have used in all conditions, small and big streams, and works flawlessly!

Customer - Aaron  
Rating - 5/5
Review - Love my Seeker line. I have it in bright yellow and just absolutely love the color. Great purchase. 

Customer - Chris
Rating - 5/5 
Review - I never understood the point of paying tons of money for a fly line. This line is priced right where I want it and the quality is great. I have been fishing it for about a year and it has held up perfectly. Thanks!

Customer - T_wilgan 
Rating - 5/5 
Review - Awesome line for less than $30

Customer - Pete L 
Rating - 5/5 
Review - Free shipping to Canada and the line is great. Thanks guys will be ordering more and saving money in the future!

Customer - Seth C 
Rating - 5/5 
Review - I got some 5wt WFF line from you guys last year before Christmas. The line is great! Casts like a dream, mends effortlessly,, well I could go on haha. Only flaw was it got a bad knick in it on the first day out. Im not sure how it happened but it is ok.

Customer - Mike T 
Rating - 5/5 
Review - Best line I've bought yet, and I wasted 80$ combined on Rio Bass and Trout series that crapped out in 5 months, tough line great casting!

Customer - Matt S 
Rating - 5/5 
Review - Just got mine in Friday and used it Saturday, I love it, and casts like a dream.

Customer - Anthony P
Rating - 5/5 
Review - Great lines for the $$$ I fished with it last year on my 4wt dry fly rod and it really held up well! Just bought 2 more, I love the color selection. I wish they had a 2 wt available! Wonderful product!

Customer - Shawn M
Rating - 5/5 
Review - Buy yours now! I've got reels and line from these guys and could not be happier.

Customer - Jerry H
Rating - 5/5 
Review - Used mine for the first time this weekend. I love it!

Customer - Andrew R
Rating - 5/5 
Review - Line casts and mends like a dream. I am 100% satisfied with this product. If they keep this up, I'll be a life time customer.

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Budget Friendly
The Shadow Seeker fly lines offer quality performance at a price no one else can match. The Seeker line casts, mends, and fishes as well as other lines nearly double its price. Manufactured to last multiple seasons, the line is simply the best value line on the market.
Endless Color Combinations
Shadow lines are the only fly lines available in endless color combinations. Whether you want a single color, dual color, or tri-color line, we can custom make the line for you. Choose from 32 different color swatches and create the line that makes your rod and reel look that much better.
- 90ft of fly line
- Welded loop for easy leader connection
- Wound onto floating foam spools
- Budget friendly price
- Fresh and saltwater ready
- 32 colors in endless combinations
Shadow Fly Fishing offers a 1 year warranty on all original line purchases to the original owner. All returned defective lines will be replaced with a brand new one. No waiting around for lengthy repairs like you would with other fly fishing companies. Line warranties are limited to line breakage only. This does not include cosmetic issues, loss, or theft. In the event that your line is no longer in production we will replace it with one of comparable quality and value.

How to register:
Online purchases are automatically registered in our database. However, we recommend keeping a proof of purchase receipt to validate original ownership.

How to return:
Contact us directly with your inquiry at: Include your name and a brief description of the issue. Additional shipping information and details will be provided upon the processing of your return request. The Shadow money back guarantee is valid for two weeks after your product is received.

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