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Customer - Andrew R  
Rating - 5/5
Review - These lines are great. I'd compare them to Rio for less than half the price. Mend like a dream.

Customer - Allison S  
Rating - 5/5
Review - High quality lines with a welded loop, amazing colors, and great price.

Customer - Mike S
Rating - 5/5
Review - Just as good as the high end lines on the market at half the price. Awesome product.

Customer - Tsee L
Rating - 5/5
Review - I got my 5 weight last week and its smooth casting just like my Rio Gold! For half the price lol.

Customer - Barbieonthefly
Rating - 5/5
Review - I have the premium line in pink and no complaints thus far. I've used it consistently nearly every weekend for 8 months and it has done nothing but impress me. It is a high quality line for the price point.

Customer - Dustin P
Rating - 5/5
Review - Love the way the line performs. Threw it for the first time the other day and just loved it. Now I just need to get out more.

Customer - Sarah F
Rating - 5/5
Review - The 5wt line casts great on my glass rod. Loving the lines and the color options are great!

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Premium Performance
Our premium lines float high, mend effortlessly, and are extremely supple. Shadow Premium Fly Lines are designed to outlast long seasons of abuse while still maintaining their supple feel fish after fish; cast after cast.
Shadow Premium Finish
Each Shadow Premium Line is meticulously finished with our unique custom water resistant coating. The finish creates a barrier of protection that helps maintain the life, feel, and integrity of the line even after long use. The Shadow Premium lines are one of the most durable fly lines ever crafted.
- 105ft of fly line
- Welded Loop for easy leader connection
- Wound onto floating foam spools
- Advanced WFF tapers
- Fresh and saltwater ready
- 32 colors in endless combinations
Free Worldwide Shipping
Shadow Fly Fishing offers a 1 year warranty on all original line purchases to the original owner. All returned defective lines will be replaced with a brand new one. No waiting around for lengthy repairs like you would with other fly fishing companies. Line warranties are limited to line breakage only. This does not include cosmetic issues, loss, or theft. In the event that your line is no longer in production we will replace it with one of comparable quality and value.

How to register:
Online purchases are automatically registered in our database. However, we recommend keeping a proof of purchase receipt to validate original ownership.

How to return:
Contact us directly with your inquiry at: Include your name and a brief description of the issue. Additional shipping information and details will be provided upon the processing of your return request. The Shadow money back guarantee is valid for two weeks after your product is received.

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